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You can buy from us wooden or straw pellets for cattle and poultry farms. The granules are made of 100% natural sawdust of coniferous trees or ecologically clean wheat straw.

Pet litter made of granules absorbs 85% more than regular sawdust. Used pellets will be easily localized in a dedicated place as a small lump. Thus, it makes it possible to replace the used area and refill it with new granules. This makes sure longer exploitation term of the pet litter and its more rational use. Unlike regular sawdust, granules are more compact to store.

The available packaging is made of 15 kg sacks and Big Bags of 1,000 kg.

SGS quality certification.

Wood pellet bedding for horses

Wood pellet bedding for poultry farms

Wood pellet bedding for cows

Wood pellet bedding for piglets

Straw pellet bedding for horse

Straw pellet bedding for poultry farms

Straw pellet bedding for cows

Straw pellet bedding for piglets

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